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The New Baby!  A 1965 Cadillac SS Victoria

My other vehicle, “Persephone” (pronounced Per-sef-oh-nee) a 1979 Cadillac SS Victoria.
The engine is a 426ci
It has 64,000 miles on it.
It was originally from Indiana.
Name is Persephone.
Other than the rims, which are Eagle Alloy aluminum rims, and the sound system, the car is pretty much stock.

Persephone's New Look - Bats a work in progress.

Persephone's New Look - Bats finished.

My first hearse, “Hearshal”, a 1981 Cadillac Superior, put to rest in 2006.
The engine was a 6 litre, I think that works out to a 367 in GM terms.
It had well over 100,000 miles on it when it was scrapped.
Originally from New Jersey.
Name was Hearshal.
That car was all stock, bought originally from Crime Stoppers here in Toronto for a $200.00 donation the car was quickly painted black then. 





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