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What's going on with BWHC:

We are keeping up BWHC tradition of getting grape ice cream from St Clair Ice Cream (& chocolate for Wayne) 
Come enjoy some great ice cream, great people, & great hearses!
Ice cream eating will be followed up with a hearse cruise through Toronto.

April 15, 2010  -  Website and Haunters Convention!

Canadian Haunters Convention!
We are excited to announce that the BWHC is going to be showing off an awesome display at the first annual Canadian Haunters Convention!
This is a show where anyone interested, or already putting on a Haunted house, or home haunt, can come and check out vendors & workshops (one of which run by exec member Wayne!)

The event has FREE ADMISSION, so you should at least stop by so you can see the BWHC display that will be taking up a large area in the show with at least 4 hearses.

The event will be taking place in St Catharines at the Parkway Convention Centre May 7-9th
More details can be found here, on the show site:

Website Updates...again:
As you should notice we have updated our website with a fresh banner, including the BWHC logo.  If you are seeing the old banner on any of the pages, please refresh your browser.
We are also currently trialing a new members-only network with a few of our members.  This would allow members to create & update their profile, upload photos, videos, post events & more!
This would replace our current member page, so we'll let you know how it goes!

March 8, 2010  -  Getting ready for Hearse Season 2010!

Hey Everyone!  With the warmer weather approaching, so comes prime hearse driving season!
In preparation for this, BWHC is doing some internet Spring cleaning.

Website & Members Updates: We are updating the website, including our member page.  We know there are several overdue emails of people wanting to become members, and we apologize for the time it's taken to get back to you.  Life can be crazy!  We will be contacting everyone, getting your information, and getting you added to our members page with your very own profile page.

 Facebook & Merchandise:  If you didn't already know, BWHC has it's very own facebook group, run by BWHC member, Miguel (Thanks Miguel!)  Please follow this link to join it:!/group.php?gid=328024640393&ref=ts

We also have BWHC T-shirts available for $15, and caps for $10, both in two different styles available through Darren!
Please see the facebook group for more details & pictures.




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