So you want to be a member of the Black Widow Hearse Club?


Just in case you're hesitant, here's some great benefits of being a BWHC Member...

* Currently, it's a free membership

* Members get profiles on a private members-only network where they get to share photos, videos, blogs and events & more.

* Members get sent the most up-to-date BWHC news including events & new merch.

* You get the priviledge of saying you're part of an awesome hearse that's reason enough right there!


So you're ready to become a member!

Send us an email to stating your real name, and the email address you'd like us to send a member invite to.

Our webmistress, Stef, will review your email within 24-48 hours and if all is well (as in you're not spam) she'll have an invite to our members network sent out to you.

Afraid of commitment?  At least join our Facebook group!!/group.php?gid=328024640393&ref=ts









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