Who we are: We are a  bunch of different people that have one thing in common:   the love of funeral coaches. 

And our members? Well, their personalities are as unique as their rides.  Our members are young and old(er), male and female, and come from many different backgrounds and beliefs.

Some of us have several hearses, other's are still trying to obtain one.  Some of our coaches are beautifully unaltered, others are kick ass hotrods, and others, well, need some love and some work.


Black Widow Hearse Club is based out of Ontario, Canada. The club officially came to be on February 20th, 2008, but was in the works since just after Halloween 2007.  It was born when Darren, Don and Wayne decided to create a club driven to promote the love for these types of vehicles. They are the official executive of the club, with Stef handling the administrative and treasury stuff, and Joanne along with Stef running the website. As a collective, we will be organizing and promoting cruise nights, attending car shows (because let's face it, we will blow the spectators away), going on road trips and overnights, hitting up local entertainment including drive-in movies and much, much more. 

Our Mission Statement
“Have fun before we all die”

Let's face it, we're here to enjoy these amazing vehicles before we end up in the back of one, or they end up in the junkyard. So we're going to do our best to give you as many opportunities as possible to enjoy them yourself.

As of right now our member base is quite small, but it can grow with your help! If you have a soft spot for all types of hearses, flower cars, or vintage ambulances, than you are invited to join our ranks. If you happen to own such a vehicle, even better! 

The only thing we ask is that you accept us and our members for who they are, don't try and push your beliefs regarding, well anything, on anyone else.  We are here to have fun with our vehicles, not debate religion, politics or how a stock hearse is better than a custom one. 

And most importantly: be active in the club! Come out to our events, talk to us on our forums, email us suggestions etc.  We have made this site to act as a medium for hearse enthusiasts to communicate, so please use it!

What do you get for signing on with us?   Well, other than saying that you’re a member of The Black Widow Hearse Club (and really is that not enough?) at this point, not too much. That however will be changing throughout 2008 with cool merchandise like hats, t-shirts and other various items.  We are already brainstorming many ideas, including the possibility of a Hearse/Goth Chick calendar for the 2009 year. There’s only one thing cooler than old funeral coaches and that’s Goth Chick’s. Just ask Darren!

As a member however, we will keep you updated via email and the website when these things become available, as well as what we're developing, and what events we are planning.
You will also get your own profile page displayed on our Members page, where you can show off your vehicle, and yourself, with pictures and a bio. And if you want, you also get a Black Widow Hearse Club email address.

And just so you know, for our 2008 year, there is no membership fee.  What a deal!  There is a possibility of there being a fee for future years, but it really depends on how much the club costs us to run.  Purchasing our merchandise helps us to keep this website running and updated, as well as gives us some funds to put toward future BWHC events.

Now you know a little about us. If you are still interested, have a look around the site, be sure to check out our upcoming and "passed" events, and members pages. Feel free to use any of our photos for your personal use, but if you are using any on your website, we would really appreciate if you would link it back to our site. We have a banner exchange available on our links page, as well.

So, you want to become a member?  Great!  Click here